Chelaship, Darshan 4 - (DVD VIDEO)

Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Darshan with the Messenger

Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaches on Chelaship from “The KH Letters” by C.W. Leadbeater.

I think that we have to discover God, the God who lives within us and I think that we all can do that and we should pay more attention to doing it. To realizing when we feel the pulsation of our heart in a precious way whether we are here or there or saying our prayers in evening.

So discovering the God within is, is our path. That is our path and we know that Saint Germain drew his Maltese cross for the impersonal impersonality, the personal personality, the impersonal personality and the personal impersonality.

That’s in our Alchemy book and I’ve always thought it very fascinating that on these four quadrants Saint Germain has shown us just how yang God is at the twelve o’clock line and how yin God is at the six o’clock line. And at the two ends, the ends of the horizontal line, we have the reverse; the impersonal personal and the personal impersonal.

So, we have to remember that we are God. And then we should act the part. And when we act the part and live the part, we will become the reality.

So if we don’t walk around recognizing, “God lives within me and I am building bridges to my Holy Christ Self, to my ascension, to my Mighty I AM Presence, because I’m alert to those wonderful promptings that we get when we listen.”

If we don’t listen, we don’t hear them. And then God stops speaking to us and then we have to start up the conversation again because we left off from our end. Isn’t that true? We stop listening.

We all have to listen, at least, when we go to bed at night and the last thing we do is to look at El Morya, talk to him, write him a letter and then feel at peace with our day and take on the next day. It really is wonderful to be able to say good night to El Morya and feel in total peace of one’s actions in the previous twenty-four hours.


To accept any man as a chela does not depend on the Master's will. It can only be the result of one's personal merit and exertions in that direction.

Do good works in the Master's name and for the love of mankind; be pure and resolute in the path of righteousness laid out in the Master's rules.

Be honest and unselfish; forget yourself but remember the good of other people—and you will have forced that Master to accept you as his chela.