Chart of Divine Self Cards

The Chart of Your Real Self, representing the I AM Presence (upper figure), the Christ Self (middle figure), and the soul evolving in Matter (lower figure).

“If I were to tell you the greatest need of the hour, I would tell you that it is that each one become acquainted with his Real Self, that Holy Christ Self. If it were possible for all people to see the image on the Chart of the Divine Self, beloved ones, it would open the eyes of the soul for millions.

“That wallet-size card on which the Chart is stamped and which has the description on the back does reawaken souls to their original identity, to the God who is with them and in them. It is the most important single glyph of Light, a photograph of the (soul’s) inner being; and its accuracy is such that it does recall the soul–the soul that is a million light-years away from her God-Reality–back to the point of the seat-of-the-soul chakra and to the desiring of resolution, to the worship of her God, to the invocation of the I AM THAT I AM.

“There is no greater gift that you can give to anyone than the understanding of his own Mighty I AM Presence, his Holy Christ Self and his evolving soul, as depicted in the lower figure in the Chart surrounded by the violet flame.” – Gautama Buddha, 7/4/1992