Chakra Meditations and the Science of the Spoken Word - (MP3 CD)

From My Heart to Buddha. 25 chakra meditations conducted by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 10 hours 41 minutes.

Visualizations and a Mudra to Direct the Violet Flame to the Crown Chakra for the Healing of the Brain, the Memory, the Pituitary, the Pineal and the Nervous System
Expanding the Light of the Mother Where You Are:
Liberating the Soul-Force of the Chakras
A Visualization and an Exercise Using the Secret Love Star
The Purification of the Chakras and the Four Lower Bodies: Prerequisites for Higher Consciousness (2 parts)
A Meditation on the Mother
An Exercise for the Manifestation of the Mother
Musical Meditations for the Expansion of the Expansion of the Light of the Seven Chakras
Equation of Freedom in the Centers of God-Awareness (2 parts)
Invocations, Visualizations, Mantras, and Songs for the Clearing of the Chakras
Drawing the Flame of the Resurrection through the Chakras and the Four Lower Bodies
Violet Flame, Expand!
The Ritual of the Atom (2 parts)
How to Maximize the Light within Your Chakras
A Meditation on Becoming the Buddha (4 parts)
A Meditation for the Mastery of the Chakras
A Meditation on the Soul’s Ascent to the Central Sun of Being and the Descent to the Plane of Earth
Sample: “The meditation we are about to begin is you becoming the Buddha. Our Guru has the fullness of his chakras realized, the seven chakras which appear as stars. And indeed they are galaxies within the consciousness and being of the Buddha.

Each time you take an initiation in one or many incarnations in one of these chakras you must enter the chakra of your Guru, there meditate with him in that chakra, clear your own chakra of all of the debris of illusion, of maya, and when it is finally cleared enter into its crystal-clear color.

During this meditation we will take a journey through the God consciousness of Gautama Buddha. We will center for the journey by first entering the heart. Then we will go from the base to the crown. Along the way we will give some mantras and sing some songs, working with the violet flame and the white fire core light to clear that chakra.

This meditation is scientific, it comes to me from the Buddha and by it they will transfer the electrodes of your God-mastery in your chakras from their God consciousness through my chakras, which are prepared, and to your own chakras. You are also receiving the direct inflow of light according to the level of your attainment from your own three bodies–your I AM Presence, your Christ Self and the threefold flame in your heart.

Enter the heart, bow before the great Lord of the World, learn the lessons of the heart, bow to the hearts of God in every system of worlds and then begin the journey of initiation from the base chakra unto the crown….”

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