Buddhic Essence, The--Ten Stages to Becoming a Buddha (DVD - VIDEO)

Bodhisattva is a Sanskrit term meaning literally a being of bodhi (or enlightenment), a being destined for enlightenment, or one whose energy and power is directed toward enlightenment.

A Bodhisattva is one who is destined to become a Buddha but has foregone the bliss of nirvana with a vow to save all children of God on earth.

Includes: Become the Buddha and The Ten Stages of the Bodhisattva Path.

“You can be called a bodhisattva from the very first moment you have turned your heart in the desire to be a chela or a disciple of Lord Gautama Buddha. So do not think that the Bodhisattva who has full attainment thereby excludes you from this circle. You are a bodhisattva from this moment on if you desire to be.”—Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Buddhic Essence


Mystical Paths of the World's Religions Series
1 DVD, 1 hour 50 minutes