Bodhidharma Founder of Zen Buddhism - (DVD - VIDEO)

Founder of Zen Buddhism – DVD (Mystical Paths series)

Mystical Paths of World’s Religions series

2 DVDs 4 hr 8 min.

Zen is the act of discovering oneself.

Delivered by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, this beautiful compilation of the teachings that are Bodhidharma's legacy to the world captures the “inexpressible and inconceivable” reality of the Buddha nature that can only be apprehended intuitively in the innermost recesses of the soul.

Born in India, Bodhidharma converted to Buddhism at an early age. His mystical message was that we cannot realize ultimate truth or attain our own Buddhahood by means of words or letters. We must discover for ourselves our real nature, our Buddha nature.

Bodhidharma carried his message of Zen philosophy from India to China, but it was not until much later that his teachings became understood and embraced in China. Today he is honored as the spiritual father to millions who practice Zen Buddhism.