Ashram Rituals Booklet

More than fifty years ago the ascended master El Morya dictated the Ashram Notes to his amanuensis Mark L. Prophet.

The Ashram Notes is a series of 39 letters, including these six Ashram Rituals, from El Morya to his students worldwide. These six Ashram Rituals are spoken meditations designed to be given simultaneously to “link hearts worldwide for the union of consciousness.”

“The Ashram of Morya El is one answer to the call of unascended lifestreams who desire to reduce world suffering and serve the cause of world awakening. It carries a message full of hope to brothers small and great on earth. It opens a door that no man can shut and establishes a shining pathway for souls to reach up beyond the seemingly silent veil into the realm of pure Love. Here the care of the one Father is manifest for all his children, who were created to inherit the blessings of his kingdom.”—Mark L. Prophet


The Six Ashram Rituals are:

The Unison Ritual
Great Central Sun Ritual: O Cosmic Christ, Thou Light of the World
Sacred Ritual for Attunement with God’s Holy Will
Sacred Ritual for Soul Purification
Sacred Ritual for Transport and Holy Work
Sacred Ritual for Oneness

The master El Morya sought a heartfelt communion in the giving of these rituals. He said,

“The mere repetition of words will not suffice in this pursuit. Every word you speak, even as you hear me speaking now, is put forth with a power, with a fervor of adoration and gratitude to God. In fact, our spoken word does carry all of our being and the stamp of our individuality. So when you recite your rituals, may the sacred fire breath carry into your words the Light of your heart.Pearls of Wisdom, vol. 33 no. 34