Answering the Master's Call, Darshan 5 - (DVD VIDEO)

Darshan #5 Teachings from The K.H. Letters to C. W. Leadbeater

Darshan with the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, November 13, 1996.

What is Darshan? 

darshan n.: communion with the ascended masters through the messengers mantle.

…Answering the Masters Call

To answer the Masters call the would-be chela must at times grasp the Masters thought by attunement, by intuition. Once a would-be chela grasps the Masters thought, obeying it immediately aligns that one with the Masters plan for his chelaship. In fulfilling the Masters call, a would-be chela must often choose to sacrifice and surrender previous plans. But once we have made the sacrifice and we look back on our gain, it seems almost as nothing, in the joy of the new life and light found thereby. C. W. Leadbeater

1 DVD, 2 hours, 9 minutes