Answer You're Looking For Is Inside of You

A Common-Sense Guide to Spiritual Growth Mark Prophet weaves anecdotes from everyday life with universal truths to create a profound yet thoroughly enjoyable guide to spiritual growth.

One of the great spiritual teachers of our time, Mark Prophet had a unique approach to spirituality. He believed that our quest for meaning in life, though challenging, should be fun.

And that we can often find the answers we're looking for in the most unlikely places.


  • Turning Within and Letting Go
  • Nurturing an Intimate Relationship with Your Inner Christ
  • Start Meditating on God and Don't Get Caught Up in the Past
  • Reincarnation: The Doctrine of Divine Fairness
  • Our Salvation Is through Free Will and the Master Within
  • Saturate Yourself with God
  • Making Fun of Our Own Antics
  • The Battle between Light and Darkness Within
  • Christ Consciousness is Not Developed through Outer Things
  • Your Thoughts May Be Your Brother's Stumbling Block
  • Lots more!…

Softbound, 97 pages.