Living Flame of Love - (MP3 CD)

A classic of true Christian mysticism…. Lectures on The Living Flame of Love by Saint John of the Cross unveil the way of the Christian mystics as a true path to return to God. Also includes a dictation from the ascended master Jesus Christ.

Living Flame of Love, by Saint John of the Cross, is a powerful poem spoken by a rare spirit inwardly transformed by the fire of divine love. Though only four stanzas, this sublime and compelling message illumines our passage through the labyrinth of personal karma and prepares us for the Divine Encounter.

Elizabeth Clare Prophet believes the essence of this poem is written in the heart of every child of God and is without parallel in Catholic literature. Listen, and you will understand why.

Includes a dictation from Jesus Christ delivered by the Holy Spirit to Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

“Saint John of the Cross is…one of the great mystics of love. He follows in the tradition of John the Beloved.” – Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Disc 1: Living Flame of Love (8 hr. 7 min.)

Disc 2: Living Flame of Love (4 hr. 19 min.)

Also includes PDF of 28-page booklet of liner notes

2 MP3 Audio CDs. Total length: 12 hr. 26 min.