The Evolution of Life, Darshan 3 - (DVD VIDEO)

Elizabeth Clare Prophet – Darshan with the Messenger #3

Elizabeth Clare Prophet teaches on The Way of Life from the Theosophy book, “The Masters and the Path” by C.W. Leadbeater.

So the introduction of this book is clear, that if there are not perfected men and women—high souls—then we have no measurement for ourselves. No man knoweth the measure of himself.

But because we know that there are perfected beings, because we have touched the hem of the garments of the Ascended Masters who have spoken through us, we know that there is a fulfillment that is before us.

We know that we are where we are, and we approximate our self-worth, so to speak. We measure ourselves and yet we cannot measure ourselves against the infinite.

So this is a bit of logic for those who have logical minds, that there must be perfected men and women, otherwise this whole world would be a chaotic place.

So everyone is on a different rung, and for attainments at one level we may go very high, and for others we may catch our robes at very low levels. And therefore we must detach ourselves from those lower vibrations and experiences.

So we all have greatness in us because there are great beings above us. So that is the logic of this teaching. We have greatness.

The question is, how much greatness? How much greatness do we really have? Well we will never really know until we reach a plane of the absolute so that there is an absolute measuring rod whereby we might know it.

So in this stage we are kept somewhat in the dark, but not entirely. Hundred years after this book was written, we have the violet flame. Saint Germain is commencing the Age of Aquarius. So things have moved like lightning in a single century of the adepts' presence in the world.

So it is very comforting to realize this—that there are those who have made it—that there are those beneath us on the ladder of life, there are those above us. And if we keep ascending on the scale that we have been taught by the Masters to accept as something that we must go for if we are to succeed, then we have the sense that, one day, one day we will arrive at that place of being perfected.

So I like this opening to this book* for this very reason, because it gives us the backdrop. Where we've come from, where are we going, who has gone before us, who has been left behind. And those left behind are those who tend to veer off the path into the path of the fallen ones.

*”The Masters and the Path” by C.W. Leadbeater

The Evolution of Life by Elizabeth Clare Prophet given October 29, 1996.