The Prophet Archives: How to Work With Angels for Success - MP3 Download

Is It Possible to Work with the Angels to Achieve Your Success?

Yes! However, success always comes from the combining of your desire with your knowledge of how. The fire to succeed comes from your heart. The training for “the how” can come from various success courses, but to achieve your ultimate success, Elizabeth Clare Prophet shows you how you need the personal guiding hand of angels.

It Is All a Matter of Perspective

Did you ever think that the angels and the seraphim have a different perspective on how you can be successful in your life? A perspective that brings you closer to who you really are? By trusting your inner Self and learning to work with the seraphim and your angelic assistants, you can win!

Keys to Working With Your Angels

Using songs, mantras, and decrees prepares your aura to mesh with the auras of the angels and the seraphim. So by increasing the light in our chakras and in our auras, we can receive the angels and seraphim today. Plus Elizabeth Clare Prophet gives you a key teaching about the seraphim so that you can visualize them and feel comfortable in their presence.

Working with the seraphim and the angels is your opportunity to come nearer to God – your Real Self. And becoming one with your Real Self, finding the essence of your being, is the success story – the hero's journey – of all mystical paths.

Your Ultimate Success = Working with Your Angels

Elizabeth Clare Prophet talks about your ultimate success and those successes that you need to achieve in order to get there. Your ultimate success – your ascension – can be greatly aided by the angels and seraphim. This edition of The Prophet Archives provides you with the necessary, practical tools to connect with the seraphim, insights into the Kabbalah, and ways to clear those internal blocks impeding your ultimate success.

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