Dossier on the Ascension - The Story of the Soul's Acceleration on the Path of Initiation

Breaking the wheel of rebirth . . . Union with God . . .

The ascension . . .

Throughout the ages, those of all faiths have sought to go beyond the limits of the mind, to attain immortality. History leaves the record of a few who reached that goal—Zarathustra, who ascended back to God in “the great flame”; Elijah, who was carried up into heaven in a “chariot of fire”; Jesus, who was taken up into a cloud from Bethany’s hill.

Now, Serapis Bey and the Brotherhood of Luxor reveal inner secrets of the path to the ascension. They open the door to their mystery school, sharing keys to immortality. And they show how you can apply their spiritual techniques to find the answers to life’s ultimate questions.

• Journey to the Central Sun through the meditations of the seraphim.

• Learn the meaning of the Deathless Solar Body as the vehicle of the soul beyond the veil.

• Find your ultimate freedom to be your Real Self.

The flame of the ascension is the key which unlocks the door to immortality for every man. —Serapis Bey