Sacred Psychology of Change

How cycles of change and chaos can become a transformational opportunity.

Focusing on the importance of an open heart, a creative mindset and the maturing of your soul, this book helps you navigate the waves of change in your life. Through storytelling and self-help exercises, you learn a variety of practical approaches to handling the challenging scenarios of your fast-moving world.

“This book asks us to focus our attention on the higher intelligence of our heart and then describes in loving detail ways of doing just that. Those interested in the hearts ability to heal will find encouragement in these pages.”

— Ruth Bly, licensed psychologist, Jungian analyst, author
“A profound treasure of spiritual truths and their practical application based on the authors many successful years of personal and professional experience. Written in the language of the heart and with remarkable clarity and sensitivity, this book will lead you, chapter by chapter and step by step, to a profoundly healing dialogue with yourself-and through an exciting spiritual and psychological journey of change.”

— Kenneth Frazier, L.P.C., D.A.P.A.., A.C.P.E.

Part of the Sacred Psychology series by Marilyn C. Barrick, Ph.D.

Softbound, 224 pages.