Path of Self Transformation

Volume 2 of Climb the Highest Mountain series.

Continuation of teachings on the inner mysteries of God, lifting the veil to reveal the true understanding of biblical allegory, including the mystical meaning of the “fall” of Adam and Eve.

Answers profound spiritual questions supremely relevant for today.

  • Who suppressed the concepts of karma and reincarnation and why are they key to our spiritual growth?
  • What is the inner meaning of the judgment?
  • Why wasn't sex the original sin?
  • Why was Serpent more successful in his tempting of Eve than Satan was with Job or Jesus?
  • Above all, The Path of Self-Transformation is about archetypes—archetypes that are key to your soul's reaching its full potential.

“The authors delve into the deep things of the Spirit and emerge with answers and interpretations that are both soul-satisfying and liberating. Their pivotal work unveils an intricate understanding of mankind's ancient karma, the real meaning of the drama that took place in “the Garden of Eden,” and the dynamics of light and darkness within the evolving soul. These pages will illumine your path of self-transformation with unforgettable wisdom.

– Patricia R. Spadaro, co-author of Saint Germain's Prophecy for the New Millennium

Softbound 339 pages