Opening of the Temple Doors

Man has dreamed of visiting the legendary Shamballa, the fabled Shangri-La, and sacred enclaves of the lost continents of Lemuria and Atlantis. And once he could—if he knew the secret pathways and mountain passes and was willing to brave the trek.

Then darkness fell, the temples were desecrated, mankind entered an age of barbarism and all but a few adepts were cut off from the Eternal Order of the saints East and West. Their retreats were withdrawn to the etheric plane beyond the physical realm, reachable only by the most advanced initiates.

With the dawning of the Aquarian Age, lightbearers were once again given the opportunity to enter these retreats. This time by soul travel—apart from the physical body. And the ascended masters welcomed seekers to their etheric temples deep in the heart of the Himalayas, the Andes, or in the center of the earth.

This volume contains a series of letters from ten ascended masters—the seven chohans, the Maha Chohan, Kuthumi and Jesus Christ—who have opened their retreats to a wider circle of students—to any and all who would respond to the call.

Each letter gives profound teaching on the path of the ascension (reunion with God) and brings the masters' prophecies concerning world conditions and coming earth changes: knowledge that is essential in this hour of cycles turning to the Aquarian Age.

I loved this book. It gave me a feeling of warmth and immeasurable love. – Bronx, NY

This book explains in plain language things that were never quite understood by me. I liked the simple explanations the most. – Paulden, AZ

A fantastic compilation of information for the seeker! I liked the short dissertation format the most. – Sault Ste. Marie, ON