The Challenge of Initiation - (MP3 CD)

Fulfilling the Law of Being. New Year's Conference 1975-76. Elizabeth Clare Prophet. 1 MP3 Audio CD.

The Challenge of Initiation is the path to attainment.

For souls who would discover self and who find in the duty to be, the greatest challenge of initiation.

Once you accept the challenge of initiation, you can expect to meet the challenges of life through representatives of hierarchy and representatives of humanity. Let them come! For come they will, and you will have your fill of challenges and of initiations. – The Great Divine Director

In this album, masters of the Great White Brotherhood deliver dictations adoring the Divine Mother as initiator and instructor. They come to revive the ancient spirals of the Motherland, Mu, and to initiate the culture of the Mother that shall redeem the souls of her children in the age of Aquarius.

17 landmark dictations on the challenge of initiation plus commentaries by the Messenger.

MP3 total length: 8 hours 51 minutes. Includes liner notes.


1. Jesus' 1975 Thanksgiving Day Address: Thanksgiving, an Affirmation of Being, Dictation by Jesus the Christ, 11-27-75, 25:46.
Lanello's Birthday Message December 24, 1975: Love as a Burning Fire, Dictation by Lanello, 12-24-75, 34:40.
Jesus' 1975 Christmas Day Address: The Lamb and the Lambs Wife, Dictation by Jesus the Christ, 12-25-75, 29:24.
Welcome, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 12-28-75, 19:02.
To the New Jerusalem, Dictation by Jesus the Christ, 12-28-75, 23:31.
Commentary, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 12-28-75, 2:27.
Setting the Pattern for the New Year, Dictation by Chananda, 12-28-75, 44:30.
The Mother of the World in 1976, Dictation by Mother Mary, 12-30-75, 24:30.
Fearlessness Flame for Personal and Planetary Initiation, Dictation by Ray-O-Light, 12-28-75, 36:00.
America in 1976, Dictation by Saint Germain, 12-30-75, 26:49.
Initiating the Cycle of the Will of God, Dictation by the Great Divine Director, 12-29-75, 32:51.
The Science of Healing Love, Dictation by the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple, 12-29-75, 41:13.
Commentary, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 12-30-75, 19:09.
The Annunciation of the Ascension of Ruth O. Jones, Dictation by the Ascended Lady Master Clara Louise, 10-25-75, 15:33.
Souls to Be Born on Terra in 1976, Dictation by Archangel Uriel, 12-31-75, 11:20.
For Those Who Will Accept the Rebirth: A Course on the Ascension at Luxor, Dictation by Serapis Bey, 12-31-75, 28:53.
Expect the Unexpected, Dictation by Lord Maitreya, 12-31-75, 24:38.
Commentary on Surya and Cuzco, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, 12-29-75, 2:07.
The Magnet of the Great Central Sun Dictation, by Surya and Cuzco, 12-29-75, 33:08.
The Glory of the Word, Dictation by Archangel Michael, 12-30-75, 17:21.
Release of the Thoughtform for the Year 1976: The Diamond Pin of the Divine Mother, Dictation by Gautama Buddha, 12-31-75, 38:27.
TOTAL LENGTH MP3: 8 hours 51 minutes.