New Beginnings in the Flame of the Holy Spirit - (MP3 CD)

MP3 8 hr. 43 min. Liner notes included.

The initiation of the Holy Spirit, known as the trial by fire, is an initiation of integration.

When the fiery trial comes, as it eventually will to each and every one, we are only found ready if the atoms and molecules of our consciousness fit the blueprint of our inner reality. When the outer representation does not fit the inner mold, then the sacred fire must burn and consume and transmute.

A major purpose of the ascended masters' teachings is to give the knowledge of invoking and communing with that fire ahead of time, before the fiery trial, so that when it comes we are already a living flame and can integrate with that fire.

This album includes four profound lectures by Elizabeth Clare Prophet:

The Path to the Holy Spirit
Mystery Schools of the Great White Brotherhood
The Test of the Eighth Ray
Healing in the New Age
And twelve inspiring and timeless dictations from December 28-31, 1974:

El Morya – The Star Aborning within You – December 28, 1974 (19:44)
Saint Germain – Epilogue: The Call Compels the Answer – December 28, 1974 (3:15)
God and Goddess Meru – The Feminine Ray for the Victory of a Planet and Her People – December 28, 1974 (17:44)
Mighty Victory – A Spiral for Christ Victory – Dec 29, 1974 (19:45)
Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus – The Gift of Love for the Conception of the Christed Ones – December 29, 1974 (22:01)
Apollo and Lumina – To Purge a Planet of Ignorance – December 29, 1974 (20:20)
Archangel Zadkiel and Amethyst – Vials of Freedom – December 30, 1974 (23:00)
Hilarion – Dispensations from the Healing Masters: Pallas Athena, Meta, Cyclopea and Virginia, and Mary – December 30, 1974 (34:10)
The Maha Chohan – The Flame of the Holy Spirit: Dispensation for the Millennium – December 30, 1974 (38:10)
Lanello – The Crown of the World Mother for 1975 – December 31, 1974 (15:36)
Archangel Uriel and Aurora – Every Man Shall Bear His Own Burden: The Ring of Fire for Containment in the Middle East – December 31, 1974 (13:18)
Gautama Buddha – Release of the Thoughtform for the Year 1975: The Jewel of the Mind of God – December 31, 1974 (16:00)