The Fourteenth Rosary - CD + Booklet

Audio CD and Booklet Set: The Mystery of Surrender.

Audio CD contains: The Fourteenth Rosary, 38:32 minutes and dictation by Mother Mary You Have Won the Prize! Now Pass Your Tests! 40:22 minutes. Delivered by the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet, June 30, 1990

“I will tell you the secret of the healing of all distress. O beloved, it is surrender unto God in childlike faith and love and trust, letting go and entering in to the Holy Spirit, to the Father and the Son….Therefore I urge you to give the Surrender Rosary as part of your morning service….These rosaries are sacred keys to the initiations of Christhood.” – Mother Mary

Audio CD: 1 hour 20 minutes. Booklet, 24 pages. Introduction by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and rosary words