Mary's Message for A New Day

First book in The Golden Word of Mary series. Reprint of My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord with a new cover and title.

Includes The Soul of Mary on Earth—the story of Marys embodiments on earth, from the Temple of Truth on Atlantis to the Holy Land—the full text of the scriptural rosaries for the seven rays and the eighth ray, and 14 letters from Mother Mary, 14 dictations, and a history of the rosary.

Will you remember, then, in time of stress and strain, when I am no longer with you in a speaking voice and in a tangible manifestation, will you remember these sacred moments together when we renewed our covenant of oneness, even as that covenant was renewed amongst the disciples and myself.

For that will give you the courage to move onward, to follow the three wise men, to follow the Christ and the star of the East that shall come to rest over the continent of Africa, prophesying the birth of a new nation, a new people, a new beginning, a new resurrection, a new opportunity. That is the star Afra! That is the star born from Alpha and Omega! That is the star whose energies shall flow in a mighty release to inspire the hearts of all souls evolving here until they too, walking in His footsteps, mount Bethanys hill and also rise into the cloud of their I AM Presence, as did Jesus. So be it.

By the power of the Divine Mother, I have spoken. And I AM with you always, even unto the end of the age!

Accra, Ghana, July 23, 1972

Softbound book. 368 pages.