The Shakespeare Code

October 1623: Francis Bacon describes a new and ingenious method for writing in code.

November 1623: The Shakespeare First Folio is published.

A coincidence?

The Shakespeare Code reveals the codes concealed in the works of Shakespeare and other writers of his time. For over 250 years the codes were undiscovered. More than one person lost his life for daring to speak the secrets they contain.

The codes reveal an explosive story: the hidden marriage of Elizabeth, the “Virgin Queen,” murder and scandal, corruption and lies at the highest levels. And they tell the true life-story of Francis Bacon, the one who devised the codes themselves.

Virginia Fellows began her quest many years before Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code” and others of this genre to track down the mysteries of Shakespeare and the authorship of the Plays. Relatively little time is spent on the intricacies of the code. Fellows reconstructs the decoded information to tell us about life in the court of the Queen Elizabeth I, combining the secrets contained in the works of Shakespeare with contemporary accounts from the era.

Francis Bacon is one of the most remarkable men ever to walk the earth. He laid philosophical foundations for the scientific revolution. He was a visionary and a poet. Yet he walked the corridors of power and held the highest offices in the land. All this is known.

The cipher story reveals still more—that Francis Bacon was the true author of the works of Shakespeare. And he had a plan.

Bacon wrote of his vision of a coming golden age—a New Atlantis—in the new land of the West. He foresaw an age when science and technology would lift the curse of Eden. And he prophesied an age when man would be free.

Bacon was the prophet of the modern world and it is time for the world to know his story.

Author and ascended master student Virginia Fellows shows us, in a way never told before, the truth, honor and faithfulness of Saint Germain’s victorious soul embodied as Francis Bacon.

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